Moisturizing creams

Aqua, aqua, aqua… It is so simple and yet so magic. We may have gold and diamonds, cherish our most expensive possessions, but they will never compare to a sip of pure water, because it is water that is vital for our life and... well, beauty. Therefore, it is essential for us to create face care products that would do both: not themselves cause the skin to dehydrate and the same time would actually help keep the moisture in the skin cells. We have been looking for such ingredients for a long time and we finally found them in the best European laboratories. Therefore, believe us when we proudly say that our moisturizing creams are particularly effective and really do their main job: deeply moisturize your skin. And how great it is when such creams also provide your skin with energizing, antioxidant, regenerating, anti-age, antibacterial “side” effects, all brought by biologically active ingredients in their compositions.

Moisturizing cream with bamboo and cucumber extracts

Moisturizing, soothing and strengthening all types of skin.

30 g
25,00 €