Intensive care

We are perfectly aware of how similar and how different the needs of every person's skin are! Your age, genetics, lifestyle choices, the quality of your food as well as how you have been taking care of your skin until now are factors which determine the way that your skin looks today. The good news are, that the way you take care of your skin today will affect how you will look tomorrow and together we can achieve the best, meaning noticeable and stunning, effects! As we go hand in hand with the progress of cosmetics industry, in our products you will find composed the most advanced contemporary ingredients which, being biologically active that they are, stimulate skin firming, wrinkle reducing and skin cell regenerating effects. Peptides, biologically active complexes, naturally powerful herbal extracts, intensive nourishing agents and other pearls of today’s cosmetic world are the main stars of our production line for intensive skin care. And the proof is not only in your reflection in the mirror, but in results of clinical studies of these ingredients, too!

Upper eyelid cream

A revitalizing treat for skin around eyes and your whole face!

30 g
24,00 €

Rose Serum

Intensive formula with Syn-Ake and Syn-Coll peptides and Riboxyl complex for skin firming.

30 g
43,00 €